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Mess Bags

 Long-time friend, part time employee and ultimate creator… Get to know Tash from Mess Bags.


How did you become involved with P.S.S?
“I initially started doing some gluing and odd jobs at the P.S.S factory and in return got knowledge and shoes (!). And since then I’ve kind of just hung around”

Why did you decide to start Mess Bags? Where do you seek inspiration?
“I started Mess Bags as a way to put out ideas that I had been creating for myself. I have always done some kind of craft but was really fascinated about working with leather and the practicality of it. I get my ideas from all over the place and they are just smooshed together in Mess Bags.”

Can you tell us a little bit about how you have been upcycling old soles from repairs that pass through the P.S.S door?
“While working at P.S.S it was inevitable that I started thinking about making shoes and Breeze and Myra started giving me old soles to play around with at home. From there I just started making my own creations. I used what I was learning about footwear from P.S.S to make my own shoes from home.”

What are some of your favourite materials and components to use when creating?
“I like the depth and strength leather has and how it can be soft or keep its shape but I like to use a range of different materials and accessories when working. I guess a few of my favourites are PVC, denim and lots of hardware.”

Where to next in your life and the life of Mess Bags?
“I want to keep working on Mess Bags and growing the business beyond just bags – I have started working on hats and of course some shoes. I am also keen to play around with and incorporate some new and different materials.”

Where can we find out more/purchase our creations?
“I am on Instagram under @messbags which has a link to my big cartel shop. Also @messdogs for collars.”